Sig Pushrod Connectors

Pushrod connectors are used on nearly every R/C model today. They are ideal for hooking up flexible cable pushrods used for throttle or nosewheel steering, although they can be used with solid wire pushrods as well.
Standard pushrod connectors have two main drawbacks:
  1. The slotted set screw lets the screwdriver slip easily.
  2. The pushrod cable bends and twists with the connector body as you tighten the set screw.
The SIG pushrod connector solves these problems by using a socket-head set screw and a hex-shaped connector body. Simply grip the connector body with pliers (to keep it from twisting) and tighten the set screw with a 3/32" balldriver or allen wrench (which can't slip).
When it's your model, details are important!

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