SIG Leaf-Spring Tail Wheel Assembly
Add a touch of class to your next giant scale or giant sport model with one of these realistic tailwheel assemblies. Borrowing from full-scale practice, our tailwheel assemblies use hardened spring-steel leaf springs for maximum shock absorption. They both feature a unique molded nylon tailwheel bearing, a formed tailwheel wire, and complete hardware. The molded nylon steering arm and heavy-duty rudder control horn are connected by high-quality coiled steering springs. Everything's included except the tailwheel itself.

For models weighing 8 - 16 lbs. 3/32" tailwheel wire accepts up to 1-1/2" dia. tailwheels.
For models weighing over 15 lbs. 1/8" tailwheel wire accepts up to 2-1/4" dia. tailwheels.

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