SIG Top Quality Balldrivers

Better than an Allen Wrench
  • Angle entry permits easy access even in restricted or hard to reach areas. Off-axis rotation speeds up faster application or removal. Fasteners can be driven or loosened at angles up to 25 degrees.
  • Fast funnel entry allows Balldriver tools to slide easily into socket and achieve full socket engagement with a single snap-in motion. No more wasted time "feeling" the tool in the socket.
  • Positive full depth engagement of Balldriver tools overcome most "stripping" problems. It is generally impossible to determine whether a standard tool is fully engaged in the socket. When it is not, stripping problems often occur.
  • Faster insertion and removal because tool follows natural wrist and hand rotation. Balldriver tools will turn a full 360 degrees in locations where standard hex-tools cannot, thus saving valuable time.
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Metric Sizes
SIGSH706 Set of 4 metric Balldrivers (1 of each 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm)
Standard Sizes
SIGSH707 Set of 6 standard Balldivers (1 each of 5/32 in. - Fits 10-32 Socket Head Bolts,
9/64 in. - Fits 8-32 Socket Head Bolts, 7/64 in. - Fits 6-32 Socket Head Bolts,
3/32 in. - Fits 4-40 Socket Head Bolts, 1/16 in. - Fits most large wheel collar sizes,
.050 in. - Fits most small wheel collar sizes

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