SIG Silicone Tubing
Still the finest available!
There are competing brands of silicone tubing but we think none are better than this time-proven favorite.
It will not harden in fuel We have models using SIG Heat-Proof as the pick-up tubing inside the tank and the tank has been installed for many years without ever needing removal or replacement.
It will not melt The tubing can touch the engine anywhere without being affected. It can rest directly against the hottest part of the head.
Resists tearing or cutting on tank fittings
Fuel fitting size on engine determines required tubing diameter.
MEDIUM .062 I.D. - .176 O.D. For .020 - .09 cu. in. engines.
LARGE .093 I.D. - .215 O.D. For .09 - 1.2 cu. in. engines.
EXTRA LARGE .125 I.D. - .250 O.D. For 1.2 cu. in. and larger engines.

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