SIG Razor Blades
Will outlast ordinary razor blades
  • Heavy-Duty
  • No Notch
  • Even with dozens of specialized hobby knife blades available today, there are still many times when good, old-fashioned single-edge razor blades are handy to have in the workshop. In fact, in our own model shop we find them to be practically indispensible.
    These razor blades are thinner and sharper than any hobby knife blade can be. Heavy-duty and long lasting! Great for trimming any type of cloth, paper, or plastic covering material. You can cut sheet balsa quick and easy, either with or across the grain. Balsa sticks can be cut to length in one easy step - no need to saw and then sand the ends. Also excellent for scraping epoxy glue, fiberglass, or paint. Cuts wood, paper, cardboard, plastic, foam, and even soft brass aluminum tubing. Many, many other hobby and craft uses. Economical too! Comes in a handy package of six.

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