AeroKote Lite(tm) is a premium polyester covering material perfect for small, lightweight flying model airplanes. It is easy to apply, and with its revolutionary adhesive system, resists wrinkling and maintains its position long after application. Using lower heat levels than other films, there is less chance to have covering induced warps in lighter built structures. The opacity of AeroKote Lite(tm) is superior to other films due to its unique coating system. Mineral stains, ink and pencil marks - all disappear under AeroKote Lite(tm). AeroKote Lite(tm)'s adhesive is glow fuel resistant; making those un-seemly seams a thing of the past. And since it is a true polyester film, you can be assured of high strength and excellent shrinking properties for wingtips and other compound curves.

Due to the lower temperature ranges, AeroKote Lite(tm) is perfect for many small, foam airplanes. We suggest you try AeroKote Lite(tm) on a scrap piece of material first before covering the model parts.

Temperature Range: Adhesive Activates 136 degrees F (58 degrees C)
Shrink Begins 140 degrees F (60 degrees C)
Maximum Shrinkage 200 degrees F (93 degrees C)

Each roll is 31-1/2 inches wide (800 mm) x 78-3/4 inches (2 meters) long giving you up to 25% more usable covering material than its leading competition. AeroKote Lite(r)'s dry adhesive on the back side of the material is heat activated, causing adhesion and shrinking to a drum tight finish. It is highly fuel proof for both glow fuels and gasoline, and weighs only .20 ounces per square foot (5.8 grams per square foot).





AeroKote Lite(tm) is available in more than 36 vibrant shades including opaque, transparent, pearl and metallic colors. Each color gives the appearance of an expertly painted gloss finish that looks great on any model airplane.

Note: The color sample shown does not accurately represent the vibrant colors of the actual AeroKote Lite(tm) material due to the variation in computer monitor resolution and color accuracy. We highly recommend you visit your local hobby retailer to see the actual material.

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