1910 Deperdussin Model Airplane
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1910 Deperdussin Model Airplane

Travel back to yesteryear when courageous young men created magnificent flying machines to break the bonds of mother earth and soar with the eagles. Designed to fly indoors or in no-wind conditions in the backyard, each of our Pioneers of Flight airplanes gives the excitement of flight just like their full size counterparts.

Sig's Pioneers of Flight. Experience the thrills of yesteryear today at a price that belongs to last century.

Check out the fully articulated, operational flying stab on the 1909 Demoiselle, and the scale-like appearance of the 1909 Antoinette and 1910 Deperdussin. Even the pilot figures take on a life of their own with scarves flying in the breeze.

Flying these classics is a dream come true. Breaking ground after a short take off roll, they climb into the indoor skies. Banking turns, you gently guide these masterpieces through their paces to the awe of those around you. Simple figure eights around the gym, and after what seems like an eternity, head for the floor for a perfect touchdown.

1910 Deperdussin Pioneers of Flight Model Airplane

Wingspan 49.5 in 1257 mm
Wing Area 479.8 sq in 31.0 dmē
Fuselage Length 43.5 in 1105 mm
Weight w/o battery 7.0 - 7.5 oz 199 - 213 g
Radio Required 3 channel, 2 micro servos, 5 A ESC (not included)
Electric Motor Required SIGEPU001 (not included)

Each kit includes
  • Quality Sig balsa
  • Laser-cut parts
  • Complete hardware packages
  • Lite-Span covering material
  • Simulated rigging

  • Pull-pull lines
  • Wheels
  • Hardware
  • Full size plan
  • Illustrated instruction manual.
SIG Electric Power Unit for the Pioneers of Flight Series Airplanes and similar indoor R/C airplanes.

Includes a micro motor, dual ball bearing gearbox, rubber spinner, and GWS 10 x 4.75 in. plastic prop.
1909 Demoiselle Model Airplane
Indoor Electric Power Unit Order No. SIGEPU001
Replacement 10 x 4.75 in
Electric Prop.
Order No.: SIGEP1047

Deperdussin Kit Instruction Manuals
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Main Construction
Finishing & Flying
Complete Pdf (3.5 Mb) Download

1909 Deperdussin Model Airplane

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