Four-Star 64 EG ARF Model Airplane
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Four-Star 64 EG ARF Model Airplane
Fly With Electric Or Glow Power!
The Ultimate Second Airplane!
The Ultimate Second Airplane!

The 4-STAR 64 EG ARF is a great choice for transitioning student pilots from high-wing trainers to low-wing aerobatic aircraft. With it's low wing, semi-symmetrical airfoil, and light wing loading, the 4-STAR 64 takes you to the next level with all the basic aerobatics and whoop-dee-doos your thumbs can conjure up. Intermediate and advanced fliers also appreciate the 4-STAR 64's simple construction, ease of assembly, and super flight performance. This is an airplane you will enjoy taking to the flying field every time.

Four-Star 64 EG ARF Model Airplane
Magnetic Hatch for Quick Access

Four-Star 64 EG ARF Model Airplane
Easy-To-Transport 2-Piece Wing

Four-Star 64 EG ARF Model Airplane
Painted Fiberglass Cowling

The 4-STAR 64 is designed to get you into the air quickly with a traditional handcrafted balsa wood ARF. All wood parts are CAD-drawn, laser cut, and factory jig assembled, so everything fits the way it should.

The lightweight airframe is very rugged and has been expertly covered with Oracover® (aka Ultracote®) premium film. Available in yellow or red base colors with complete factory applied markings.

The 4-STAR 64 EG ARF is designed for either Electric or Glow Power. The 4-STAR 64 EG flies well with a 2-stroke glow engine, a 4-stroke glow engine, or a brushless outrunner electric motor with a 4-6 cell lipo battery. It's your choice!

Four-Star 64 EG ARF Model Airplane

Wing Span: 64 in. 1625 mm
Wing Area: 847 in2 54.6 dm2
Length: 57 in. 1447 mm
Flying Weight: 7 - 8.25 lbs. 3175 - 3742 g
Wing Loading: 19 - 22 oz./ft2 58 - 68 g/dm2
Radio Required:
(not included)
4-Channel with 5 Standard Servos (glow)
4-Channel with 4 Standard Servos (electric)
Glow Power:
(not included)
2-Stroke .60 - .75 cu. in. (10.0 - 12.3 cc)
4-Stroke .60 - .90 cu. in. (10.0 - 14.7 cc)
Electric Power:
(not included)
1200 - 1700 watt Brushless Motor (400-600 kv)
75A Speed Control (ESC)
4-6S 4000 - 5000 mAh Lipo Battery Pack

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SIG 4-STAR 64 EG ARF Pdf (1.2 Mb)

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