Four-Star 60 ARF Model Airplane
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Four-Star 60 ARF Model Airplane
SIG'sFour Star 60 ARF combines the classic looks and performance of our Four Star series in an Almost Ready to Fly package.
Four-Star 60 ARF Model Airplane The SIG Four Star 60 ARF is easy to fly and makes an ideal choice for your first low wing airplane. Intermediate and advanced flyers will love the manoeuvrability and smooth handling of the Four Star 60 ARF, making it the sport model favoured by modellers at any flying field.
The Four Star 60 ARF is engineered to get you into the air quickly as possible without taking shortcuts. The airframe is expertly built and covered with premium Aerokote polyester film in one of two eye-catching, solid colors: red or yellow. Imagine the fun you'll have trimming out your Four Star 60 ARF. Three huge peel and stick Mylar decal sheets are included giving you that distinctive Four Star star and stripe.

Rounding out this ultimate flyer is a complete hardware package including virtually everything needed to complete the model such as a large capacity fuel tank, rugged aluminum alloy main landing gear, quality main wheels, SIG spinner, tail wheel assembly, pushrods and linkages.

Plus it wouldn't be a SIG airplane without a fully illustrated, step-by-step instruction manual to guide the builder from box to field.
Four-Star 60 ARF Model Airplane
Wingspan 71 in 1803 mm
Wing Area 920 in² 60.3 dm²
Length 57 in 1448 mm
Weight 7 - 8 lbs 3175 - 3630 g
.60-.75 in³ (10.0 - 12.3 cm³)
2 stroke
.65-.90 in³ (10.7 - 14.8 cm³)
4 stroke
4 channel with 5 std. servos

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