Kadet Seniorita EP ARF Model Airplane
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Clipped Wing Cub Model Airplane

An ARF Electric-Powered Edition of a Classic R/C Trainer & Sport Model
Since its introduction in 1987, the KADET SENIORITA has been built and flown by literally tens of thousands of beginning R/C pilots, helping them to earn their "R/C wings". The designer, R/C pioneer Claude McCullough, knew that the key to learning how to fly an R/C model was being able to slow the model down to allow the pilot time to think about their next control input. That concept is still true today and makes this new KADET SENIORITA EP ARF a perfect choice for your first R/C airplane.
Kadet Seniorita EP ARF Model Airplane
This KADET SENIORITA EP ARF is made for electric power! It's almost as if Claude McCullough had electric power in mind when he designed the first SENIORITA - light and strong, little has been changed from the original kit design except for the motor mounting and cowl, and the addition of ailerons! With a modern brushless motor and Li-Po batteries you will enjoy 15+ minute flights, ranging from incredibly slow flight for the beginner to enough aerobatic performance to satisfy an experienced R/C pilot.
From your first solo flight to beyond, the KADET SENIORITA EP ARF can teach you touch and go landings, loops, rolls, inverted flight and more, all easily and gracefully performed.
Kadet Seniorita EP ARF Model Airplane Large tail surfaces and light weight construction give the Kadet Seniorita ARF legendary stability at slow flight speeds Kadet Seniorita EP ARF Model Airplane
Includes pre-installed molded plastic windshield and side windows, plus molded plastic cowling with matching spinner Kadet Seniorita EP ARF Model Airplane The Kadet Seniorita ARF features a removable 2-piece bolt-on wing with a strong aluminum joiner. Easy to transport!
The KADET SENIORITA EP ARF is not constructed like your typical ARF! This airplane is handcrafted using the timeless balsa stick and sheet structures that previously you could only get by building it yourself. It's professionally covered in transparent red with black and silver trim. Other features include a pre-installed molded windshield and side windows, excellent hardware, wheels, spinner, decals and a complete step-by-step fully illustrated assembly manual. Controls: rudder, elevator, ailerons, motor.

Wingspan 63 in 1600 mm
Wing Area 750 inē 48.4 dmē
Length 52 in 1320 mm
Flying Weight 74 oz 2097 g
Wing Loading 14.2 oz./ftē 43.3 g/dmē
Items Needed To Complete Kadet Seniorita EP ARF
Motor 400 Watt Brushless Outrunner
(such as HIMAX HC3522-0990)
Li-Po 3S1P 3300
(such as Order No. RCSSAF07023)
ESC 45A (minimum)
Radio 4-Channel with 4 standard Servos 2 each 12 inch servo extensions, Standard Y-harness chord

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