Spacewalker II Model Airplane
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Spacewalker II Model Airplane

Although highly popular with the giant-scale crowd, our 1/3-Scale Spacewalker is simply too big for some modelers to haul around. In response to all of you who asked for a smaller version, we bring you the1/4-Scale Spacewalker II.
Spacewalker II Model Airplane Legal for IMAA and QSAA fly-ins, this is an exact 1/4-scale model with the heart of a sport model.

It's made for flying! The thick semi-symetrical airfoil and long tail moment provide perfect stability and low speed handling. At full-throttle, it will do all the aerobatics you ever dreamed of.

Wingspan 84 in 2134 mm
Wing Area 1110 sq in 71.6 dmē
Length 60.5 in 1537 mm
Flying Weight 11 - 13 lb 5000 - 5900 g
Radio Required 4-Channel (not included)
Engine Required
(not included)
2-Stroke .90 - 1.20 (15 - 20 cc)
4-Stroke 1.20 - 1.60 (20 - 26 cc)

  • Formed Wire Landing Gear
  • Cable Controls for Rudder
  • Fiberglass Elevator Pushrod
  • Flex Cable Throttle Pushrod
  • Hardware Pack
  • Three-View Drawing
  • Assembly Manual
  • Authentic Decals
  • Full Size Plans
  • Molded ABS Plastic Cowling
  • Molded ABS Plastic Dummy Engine Cylinders
  • Molded ABS Plastic Wingtips
  • Molded ABS Plastic Wheel Pants
  • Scale Leaf-Spring Tailwheel Assembly
  • Balsa/Ply/Spruce Construction
Spacewalker II Kit Instruction Manuals
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Wing Construction
Fuselage Construction
Completing Model
Complete Pdf (3.1 Mb) Download

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