Kadet Senior ARF Model Airplane
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Kadet Senior ARF Model Airplane

Fly With Electric Or Glow Power!

Originally designed for training, tens of thousands of newcomers have successfully learned to fly with a SIG KADET SENIOR. A flat-bottom airfoil, light weight construction and light wing loading allow the Kadet Senior to cruise around effortlessly at low speeds.

Even experienced R/C pilots enjoy the KADET'S slow leisurely flight characteristics - doing touch and go landings at the speed of a walk.

The KADET SENIOR is also a versatile workhorse - float flying, banner or glider tow, airborne camera, parachute drop, night flying with add-on lights, and just about any other load carrying task is easy for the giant KADET SENIOR. The huge 2-piece wing is IMAA legal at 80-1/2" span and provides massive lifting ability.

The KADET SENIOR EG ARF gets you in the air quickly.

Each part is meticulously built using quality woods and factory covered with premium UltracoteŽ (aka ORACOVERŽ) transparent blue or red, with white trim.

The KADET SENIOR EG ARF is 90% assembled and includes a rugged fiberglass cowl, a complete hardware package and fully illustrated, step-by-step assembly manual.

Other Outstanding Kit Features Include:
  • Rugged Fiberglass Cowling
  • Pre-installed Clear Plastic Windshield
  • Pop-in Clear Plastic Side Windows
  • Wheels, Spinner, Pushrods, & Hardware Pack
  • Illustrated Step-By-Step Instruction Manual
  • Engine Mount & Fuel Tank For Glow Engines
  • Two-Piece Wing Is Easy To Transport
4-Channel With Ailerons, Elevator, Rudder, & Throttle Control

Kadet Senior ARF Model Airplane
This is an all-wood ARF model airplane. The major components (wing, fuselage, tail surfaces, landing gear, etc.) are factory built and finished, and ready for final assembly. The motor & radio systems are not included.

Kadet Senior ARF Model Airplane
.40 - .46 cu. in. 2-Stroke or
.50 - .61 cu. in. 4-Stroke

Kadet Senior ARF Model Airplane
500 watt Motor; 50 - 60A ESC;
Lipo Battery

Kadet Senior ARF Model Airplane
Removable Hatch Allows Easy Access To Battery Compartment.

Kadet Senior ARF Model Airplane
Beautiful Transparent Covering Highlights Traditional Wood Structure

Wingspan 80.5 in. 2045 mm
Wing Area 1180 sq. in. 76.1 dm˛
Length 64.75 in. 1645 mm
Flying Weight 6 - 6.5 lbs 2720 - 2950 g
Wing Loading 11.7 - 12.7 oz./sq. ft. 36 - 39 g/dm˛
Radio 4-Channel with 5 Standard Servos
Glow Power 2-Stroke .40 - .46 cu. in. (6.5 - 7.5 cc)
4-Stroke .50 - .61 cu. in. (8.1 - 10 cc)
Electric Power 500 watt (3528 - 1000kv) Motor
50 - 60A ESC; Lipo Battery

Additional Items Required To Complete The KADET SENIOR EG ARF:
  • 4-Channel Radio System With 5 Standard Servos
  • .40 to .46 cu. in. 2-Stroke Glow Engine or .50 to .61 cu. in. 4-Stroke Glow Engine or 500 watt Electric Motor System, including Mount
  • Propeller
  • Fuel Tubing & Engine Mounting Bolts (for glow)
  • Glue - SIG Epoxy & SIG CA
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