Citabria Model Airplane
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Citabria Model Airplane

The Citabria can certainly be called this generation's barnstormer. It's role in general aviation for the past three decades, as a sport aerobatic trainer and an economical utility vehicle, is unequalled by any other recent production aircraft.

The Citabria was introduced in the early 1960s by the Champion Aircraft Corp. as a sporty alternative for private pilots who wanted something different than an all-metal nosewheel airplane. It was a direct descendant of the venerable Aeronca Champ. By spelling "airbatic" backwards, they came up with the name Citabria. Sport fliers fell in love with the Citabria because, even though it had more horsepower and new aerobatic capability, it is still a sweet flying Champ at heart.

Ideal For Sunday Flying


Sport Scale Competition!

This scale model of the Citabria flies just as good as the original! It's big flat-bottomed wing makes it easy and gentle to fly. Loops, rolls, hammerheads, Immelman turns, and spins are all part of its aerobatic routine. The Citabria can bring you hours of enjoyable R/C flying.

Wingspan 69 in 1753 mm
Wing Area 740 sq in 47.7 dmē
Length 47 in 1194 mm
Flying Weight 7 lb 3175 g
Wing Loading 21.8 oz/sq ft 66 g/dmē
Radio Required 4-Channel (not included)
Engine Required
(not included)
.2-Stroke .35 - .50 (5.7 - 8.2 cc)
4-Stroke .45 - .61 (7.5 - 10 cc)

  • Exact Scale Outlines Of A Post-1974 Citabria
  • Rugged Balsa/Ply Construction
  • Strong One-Piece Wing Design
  • Precision Die-Cut Formers and Ribs
  • Molded Plastic Cowling & Wheel Pants
  • Formed Aluminum Landing Gear
  • Formed Tailwheel Wire
  • Nylon Tail Wheel Bracket
  • Engine Mounts
  • Complete Hardware Pack
  • Authentic Decals
  • Scale 3-View Drawing
  • Photo-Illustrated Assembly Manual
Citabria Kit Instruction Manuals
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Wing Construction
Fuselage Construction
Finishing & Flying
Complete Pdf (3.3Mb) Download

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