Nitrate Clear Dope
Nitrate clear dope is primarily intended to prepare model surfaces for a painted finish. Nitrate acts as a sealer for bare wood and uncoated covering materials, and its application establishes a well bonded base for most commonly used model paints. Fast drying. High gloss. Often preferred over butyrate dope in many modeling applications because of its unique chemical characteristics.
    Check these advantages:
  • Better adhesion to most structures and coverings than butyrate dope
  • Controlled shrinkage - Nitrate dope shrinks only a moderate amount compared to butyrate
  • Helps eliminate warps and dope "blisters" at sharp 90 degree corners
  • Higher solid content than butyrate dope for faster filling
  • Compatible with most model paints - Nitrate dope is often used to seal the bare model surfaces and provides a good base for finishing with butyrate dope, enamel, or epoxy paints
  • Ideal for use alone on light free-flight rubber models where fuel proofing is not necessary.

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