Customaire Model Airplane
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Customaire Model Airplane

Scale-Like Rubber-Powered Sport Biplane

Reminiscent of the classic Waco Cabin Biplanes of the 1930s, the Customaire is intended for the experienced stick-and-tissue modeler who is looking for a scale-like model that flies like a sport airplane.

Customaire Model Airplane
The Customaire is not recommended for beginners, who should start with a simpler airplane such as the SIG TIGER.
Wingspan 20 in 508 mm
Length 18 in 457 mm

Kit Features
  • Die-cut SIG Balsa Parts
  • Molded Plastic Propeller
  • SIG Contest Rubber
  • Molded Plastic Cowling, Dummy Engine, Wheel Pants, and Wheels
  • Formed Wire Landing Gear
  • Covering Material
  • Detailed Full-Size Plans
  • Building & Flying Instructions
The Customaire Kit Instruction Manual
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Main Construction
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