SIG Epoxy Glue

Pot life (working time) is approximately 1-1/2 hours
Set time is 24 hours in a thin film.
    Recommended Uses for Epoxy Glues:
  • Epoxy glues are completely fuel proof, making them an excellent choice for coating the engine compartment and other areas of your models that need extra fuel resistance.
  • Epoxy glues incredible strength makes it the best choice for gluing wing spars, firewalls, landing gear blocks, and other areas needing extra strength.
  • Bonds balsa to balsa, hardwood to hardwood, hardwood to balsa, metal parts to balsa or hardwood.
Epoxy glues should be used any place that extra strength is needed, such as firewalls, engine bearers, landing gear mounts, and the interior of the engine compartment. Kwik-Set epoxy is also very valuable for field repairs, as it gives an extremely strong bond in just 5 minutes. It should be in every modeler's field box.

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