Deweybird Model Airplane
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Deweybird Model Airplane

1/2A C/L Profile Scale

The Deweybird is a semi-scale 1/2A C/L model of Jim Dewey's full-size midget racer. Very easy to build and fly. The beginner should have no trouble with this airplane, yet its flight characteristics are such that the advanced modeler will enjoy it.

Wingspan 22.5 in 572 mm
Engine Required .049 - .061 cu. in. (0.8 - 1.0 cc) (not included)

Kit Features
  • Quality Balsa Wing and Profile Fuselage
  • Complete Hardware Package
  • Quality Sheet Balsa Tail Surfaces
  • Nylon Bellcrank and Control Horn
  • Step-by-Step Plans and Instructions
  • Decals
  • Formed Pushrod
  • Die-Cut Fuselage, Wing, and Tail
  • Formed Wire Landing Gear
  • Wheels

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