Shoestring Model Airplane
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Shoestring Model Airplane

For Competition or Sport Flying

Control Line Profile Goodyear Racer. With a hot .15 (2.5 cc), this compact little speedster has brought home lots of trophies over the years. The Shoestring also makes a durable C/L trainer or sport flier.

Wingspan 28 in 711 mm
Wing Area: 150 sq in 9.7 dmē
Length 24.5 in 622 mm
Engine Required .10 -.15 cu. in. (1.6 - 2.5 cc) (not included)

Kit Features
  • Solid Balsa Wing
  • 3/8" Balsa Profile Fuselage
  • Step-By-Step Instructions
  • Die-Cut Sheet Balsa Tail Surfaces
  • Complete Hardware Package
  • Formed Wire Landing Gear
  • Nylon Landing Gear Clips
  • Full-Size Plans
  • Nylon Bellcrank
  • Nylon Control Horn
  • Scale Decals
  • Formed Pushrod
  • Hinges
  • Nylon Landing Gear Clips

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