While CA glues are faster drying than any other type of modeling glue, there are still times when we wish we could make it dry "on command". That's where CA Accelerator comes in! It's a special liquid, that comes in a small spray bottle, that makes any type of CA glue set instantly on contact!

CA Accelerator is sprayed onto the joint after the glue is applied and after the part is in final position. The Accelerator chemically reacts with the glue causing it to set immediately.
Accelerator is most often used with Medium or Thick CA - it should not be used on Thin CA (which dries almost instantly all by itself).
Spray on the Accelerator sparingly! Too much can cause CA glue to react too rapidly and literally boil. This will result in a joint with a chalky white color which is not nearly as strong as a normal joint.

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