Sig CA glue is a high-purity cyanoacrylate (pronounced "sigh-ano-ack-relate") adhesive specially formulated to meet the tough demands of building and flying model airplanes.
Sig CA is available in three different viscosities. Each viscosity has different application and cure characteristics.

Thin as water and cures very fast, normally in 1-3 seconds.
Thin CA is used to glue together parts that fit tightly together with no gaps, and that do not require repositioning after the glue is applied. Typically the two parts are mated first, and then Thin CA is flowed along the joint. Capillary action wicks the Thin CA deep into the joint, resulting in a very strong bond.
Thin CA sets very rapidly, so do not expect to move parts at all after the glue is applied. Thin CA is ideal for tack gluing assemblies together quickly on the building board (later the joints should be re-glued with Medium CA). Also good for repairs where you have a lot of cracks or torn wood fibers to be glued together. The Thin CA wicks into every nook and cranny of the break and ties the fibers together almost like new. Thin CA can also be used for applying fiberglass cloth reinforcing. Thin CA is the only glue that should be used on SIG EASY HINGES.

Medium viscosity and normally cures in about 5-15 seconds.
Medium CA is the general purpose favorite, excellent for almost any step during construction. Many people use it for the majority of their construction. Can be used on less than perfect joints, filling in the minor gaps between the parts. Medium CA can be flowed into an already assembled joint (ala Thin CA), or it can be used more like a traditional glue by applying it to one part before it's mated to the other part. Also good for re-gluing joints that have been tack glued with Thin CA.

A thick, syrupy viscosity and the slowest setting time, normally curing in 30-90 seconds.
Typically Thick CA is applied to one part before mating to the other part. Longer cure time allows you a few seconds to position the part before the Thick CA "goes off". Cure can be quickened with the use of "accelerator" once the part is positioned. The thick consistency reduces the tendency to run and fills gaps between parts. Ideal for gluing large parts like wing sheeting and fuselage doublers. Can also be used to build up strong fillets around joints requiring extra strength.

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