Van's RV-8 'Diamond Di' ARF Model Airplane
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Van's RV-8 'Diamond Di' ARF Model Airplane
Airplane designer Richard VanGrunsven has dominated the homebuilt airplane hobby for the past 40+ years. His series of all-alluminum low-wing "RV" airplanes provide pilots with the level of flight performance and good looks that they want.

Since 1973 Van's Aircraft has sold over 18,000 kits and plans, with over 8,000 airplanes completed and and flying in 45 countries. In the U.S. alone the number of RVs completed each year exceeds the combined production of all commercial general aviation companies. The RV-8 is Van's latest design that features tandem centerline seating, for those fighter pilot types who like to sit in the middle. Like all RVs, the RV-8 climbs well, lands slow, and goes fast.
Seagull Models has made a 20cc size RV-8 that inherits all of the great flying qualities of the full-scale airplane. Responsive, agile, and capable of all the basic aerobatic maneuvers. The airframe is conventionally built using balsa and plywood, with a well engineered laser-cut design that allows the airplane to be kept light. The UltraCoteŽ covering, plus beautifully molded and painted fiberglass cowl and wheel pants add to its sleek look. Van's RV-8 'Diamond Di' ARF Model Airplane

A wonderful airplane for everyday sport aerobatic flying.
Van's RV-8 'Diamond Di' ARF Model Airplane

Wing Span 70.9 in. 1800 mm
Wing Area 992 sq. in. 64 dm2
Fuselage Length 58 in. 1473 mm
Flying Weight
11 lbs. 5 kg
Power Options 20 cc Gas
.91 cu. in. Glow
Electric Motor 1700-2000 watt;
250-400 kv
(i.e. Power 90-110)
Radio Req. 6-Channel with 8
Standard Servos

Key Features:
  • A classic balsa and plywood ARF (Almost-Ready-To-Fly)
  • All major components are factory built and finished
  • Modern construction using CAD design and laser-cut parts
  • Excellent scale appearance
  • Outstanding flight performance
  • Operational flaps
  • 2-piece plug-in wing for easy transport

  • Strong aluminum wing joiner tube
  • Dual elevator servos for precision aerobatic flight trimming
  • Authentic color scheme of RV-8 N9699D "Diamond Di"
  • Covered in genuine UltraCoteŽ
  • Detailed cockpit with hand painted pilot
  • Painted fiberglass cowling and wheel pants
  • Complete hardware pack

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