Steen Skybolt ARF Model Airplane
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Steen Skybolt ARF Model Airplane
Designed by an R/C modeler named LaMar Steen in 1970, the full-scale Skybolt became the most successful a 2-place homebuilt fully aerobatic biplane in the world.
Over 450 Skybolts have been built and flown in the US, and another 200 or so in 29 other countries. It is larger and easier to handle than smaller biplanes, yet is capable of unlimited aerobatics. The Skybolt is a straightforward, honest, and absolutely beautiful biplane. Steen Skybolt ARF Model Airplane
Seagull Models has created an outstanding 15cc size version of the Skybolt. It inherits the same classic good looks and great flight performance of the full-scale Skybolt.
Steen Skybolt ARF Model Airplane Difficult free-style gyrations and the full slate of aerobatic maneuvers are routine for this R/C model. The airframe is conventionally built using balsa and plywood, yet the laser-cut design allows the airplane to be kept light. The UltraCoteŽ covering, plus beautifully molded and painted fiberglass cowl and wheel pants add to its sleek look.

Wing Span 61 in. 1550 mm
Wing Area 1023 sq. in. 66 dm2
Fuselage Length 48.2 in. 1224 mm
Flying Weight
9.3 lbs. 4.2 kg
Rec. Engine Size 15 cc ( .90 cu. in.)
Gas or Glow
Radio Req. 6-Channel with 6
Standard Servos

A perfect airplane for everyday sport aerobatic flying and flight demonstrations.

Steen Skybolt ARF Model Airplane

Click here to view a short video of the Steen Skybolt ARF flying.
Key Features:
  • A classic balsa and plywood ARF (Almost-Ready-To-Fly)
  • All major components are factory built and finished
  • Modern construction using CAD design and laser-cut parts
  • Outstanding aerobatic performance
  • Four ailerons for rapid roll rate
  • Dual elevator servos for precision aerobatic flight trimming

  • Authentic color scheme of Skybolt N250SB "Batman"
  • Covered in genuine UltraCoteŽ
  • Detailed cockpit with hand painted pilot
  • 3-pc Top wing with strong aluminum wing joiner tube
  • 2-pc Bottom wing with strong aluminum wing joiner tube
  • Painted fiberglass cowling and wheel pants
  • Complete hardware pack

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