Spitfire Mk-IX ARF Model Airplane
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Spitfire Mk-IX ARF Model Airplane
Developed in 1942 to counter the Focke-Wulf 190A, the Mk IX Spitfire was one of the most successful fighter aircraft of World War 2. Seagull's deluxe scale version looks and flies as good as the original. The airframe is conventional built balsa and plywood construction, yet a modern laser-cut design allows the airplane to be kept light. You will find that most of the work has been done for you. The pushrods are pre-made to the correct lengths, the motor mount has been fitted and the hinges are pre-installed and pinned for security.

Spitfire Mk-IX  ARF Model Airplane
Wing Span 79.9 in. 203 cm
Wing Area 1165.6 sq.in. 75.2 sq dm
Fuselage Length 64.5 in. 163.8 cm
Approx. Flying
11 - 13.2 lbs. 5 - 6 kg
Rec. Engine Size 2 or 4-Stroke 1.20 - 1.80 cu. in.
Gasoline Engine 28 - 40 cc
Radio Req. 6 Channel w/ 10 servos

Key Features:
  • Excellent sport scale appearance
  • Stable flight handling with aerobatic capability
  • Operational split flaps
  • Light weight balsa and plywood construction
  • CAD designed and CNC laser cut parts

  • Covered in genuine UltraCoteŽ
  • Model finished in clear coat matt finish
  • Large top hatch allows easy access to radio
  • 2-piece plug-in wing for easy transport
  • Strong aluminum wing joiner tube joiner
  • Painted fiberglass cowling and wheel covers
  • Painted pilot
  • Complete hardware pack
  • Mechanical retracts with oleo legs included
Spitfire Mk-IX  ARF Model Airplane Spitfire Mk-IX  ARF Model Airplane Spitfire Mk-IX  ARF Model Airplane

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