FB-605 advance balancing technology provides active balancing and safer charging for your Li-Po battery packs. Balancing (equalizing the voltage in the individual cells of a Li-Po battery pack) extends the life of the battery pack and allows the pack to perform at peak performance. Includes connector adapter sets to balance 2 to 5 cell Li-Po packs. The connectors fit packs with 2.5 mm pitch (the space between the pins), used on packs from RC System, Graupner, Robbe, and others. Use FB-605 Balancer only for 2 to 5 cell packs and with a 6 AMP maximum current Li-Po charger.

Input voltage range 6 to 22.5V
Max charging current 6A
Max by-pass current 400mA
Over voltage protection 4.3V0.01V
Low voltage protection 3.0V0.01V
Imbalance control voltage 0.01V
Auto self balance within 0.01V
Main Features:
  • Auto cell detect- for any 2 to 5 cell pack.
  • Auto cell balance- for any 2 to 5 cell pack in series, before or after charging.
  • Auto detect for defective cells before charging- the red LED will flash quickly when a cell.s voltage is higher than 4.35V or lower than 3.0V.
  • Auto balances the imbalanced cells when charging- a by-pass current will occur and the relative green LEDs will flash.
  • Auto cut-off charging- the balancer cuts of the charging when an individual cell reaches 4.3V or all the cells reach 4.25V.

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