AX-40 R/C BB Revlite
The NORVEL AX-40 .40 in3 2-stroke nitro engine is ideally suited for a variety of R/C aircraft including trainer, sports aerobatic, scale and club racing. The AX-40 is the first engine to be produced in NORVEL's new ISO 9001 production facility. The AX-40 features all aluminum cylinder piston set, based on NORVEL's popular Revlite technology. By eliminating the heavy brass cylinder liner, NORVEL engineers lower engine weight by more than 20%. A lighter airplane, even a few ounces lighter, has lower wing loading, which means slower landing speeds, tighter turns, and better inverted flight and aerobatics. In addition, a special military cylinder/piston coating, called SliktekTM, reduces friction and improves fuel efficiency by over 20% while delivering comparable power.
It is not just another engine .....
Production for the AX40 starts with a one-piece crankcase cast inside a 3D-action high-pressure steel mold weighing over one thousand pounds. A piston made from cryogenic aluminum and silicon alloy and laminated for friction reduction is fitted into a lightweight all-alluminum cylinder with ceramic coating. At cruising speed, the piston and cylinder fit must be precise enough to capture the energy of 200 explosions per second without creating excess friction. Each blast of fuel and air, ignited by pressure and the glow plug, powers downward to drive the crankshaft (and propeller) a corresponding 200 rotations per second, or 12,000 rpm.

There are sixty-two precision-engineered parts in the NORVEL AX-40 dual ball bearing glow engine. Injection-molded nylon, pressure cast aluminum, CNC machined aluminum and steel, hard anodized aluminum, spring steel, rubber, silicon, paraffin gaskets, and copper seals are the materials NORVEL mastered to make a glow engine.

Too many people, it may seem like a lot of trouble to go through. Why even bother when some say glow motors might be out of fashion? What do these sixty-two parts really add up to?

NORVEL flies longer, lighter and faster - for far less money.

Like every NORVEL engine, the AX-40 delivers by far the best power-to-weight performance for the money when compared to any power plant of any type made anywhere in the world.
Displacement0.40 (6.5 cc) Bore0.82 in. (20.85 mm)
Stroke0.75 in. (19 mm) Compression9.0 - 12.0
Power1.4 HP at 16,000 RPM Practical RPM2,000 - 17,000 RPM
Fuel Consumption30 oz./hour Weight without muffler10.79 oz. (306 g)
Weight with muffler13.10 oz. (371 g) ..

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