SuperLight Scale AirWheels
SuperLight Scale AirWheels
Scale AirWheels are designed to safely absorb the shock associated with landing large or heavy model airplanes. Available in two styles, Scale Treaded AirWheels sport a modern appearance with longitudinally grooved tires.
Scale Balloon AirWheels give a more vintage appearance with smooth tires. If desired, the two-piece hub allows for hidden installation of the wheel collars. Tires inflate using a bicycle pump to a maximum of 1 bar (14 psi).

Both include high quality DelrinŽ adapters for 3/16" axles (can easily be drilled to 5 mm) and DelrinŽ adapters for 6 mm axles (can easily be drilled to 1/4"). For the rare occasion that ball bearings are needed, Scale AirWheels are available with ball bearings for 6 mm axles (adds 5 g to the weight). Includes: 1 Brass Inflation Nipple.
Internal mounting of wheel collars
SuperLight Scale AirWheels

Item# Style Dia. Width Weight
KAV0259 Treaded Wheels 4 in. 1.6 in. 1.9 oz
KAV0260 Treaded Wheels 5 in. 1.8 in. 2.6 oz
KAV0266 Treaded Wheels 6 in. 2.0 in. 3.5 oz

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