SuperLight Deluxe AirWheels
SuperLight Deluxe AirWheels
Originally designed for Glow powered aircraft but now also popular for Electric powered aircraft. KAVAN AirWheels have the weight of foam wheels and the strength of conventional plastic/rubber air wheels. The unique manufacturing process creates tires with a constant wall thickness for a balanced tire without lumps and wobbly treads; giving superior directional stability. Use on paved or grass runways.
Available in three styles: SuperLight Deluxe AirWheels have a chrome-plated plastic hub with longitudinal grooved threaded tires. SuperLight Standard AirWheels have a gray-colored plastic hub with cross section treaded tire. SuperLight Scale AirWheels are for large airplanes, available with a longitudinal grooved thread or balloon style. SuperLight Deluxe AirWheels

Item# Incl. Axle
Weight ea. Width Item# Incl.
KAV0097A pair .12 in. 1-1/2 in. 0.18 oz. 0.65 in. KAV0097AL 6
KAV0097 pair .12 in. 1-3/4 in. 0.21 oz. 0.71 in. KAV0097L 6
KAV0098 pair .12 in. 2 in. 0.28 oz. 0.77 in. KAV0098L 6
KAV0099 pair 5/32 in. 2-1/4 in. 0.42 oz. 0.81 in. KAV0099L 6
KAV0100 pair 5/32 in. 2-1/2 in. 0.64 oz. 0.93 in. KAV0100L 6
KAV0101 pair 5/32 in. 2-3/4 in. 0.74 oz. 1.00 in. KAV0101L 6
KAV0102 pair 5/32 in. 3 in. 0.92 oz. 1.14 in. KAV0102L 6

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