Glass Filled Nylon Square Engine Mounts
Item # Beam Length Engine Type
HAY003 Long Cox .09 and OS Max .09
HAY006 Short Enya .09, Fuji .099S, Fox .15, OS Max .10-.10S-.15
HAY007 Long Super Tigre X11, Enya .15-.19 and Fuji .15
HAY010 Long OS. 20-.25, Super Tigre G20-.21-.25, Enya .25
HAY011 Long K&B 3.5-20S-.25-.28, OS Max .21S-.25S-32, Fuji .25
HAY012 Short K&B 3.5-20S-.25-.28, OS Max .21S-.25S-32, Fuji .25
HAY013 Long OS .30-.35
HAY017 Short OS Max .50FSR-.60BH, K&B .61 and Supre Tigre .60
HAY019 Short Enya .60-60A-60FS and 804S, Fox .61-.74 and .78, K&B .65, RJL .61, Rossi .60 and OS Max .60S-.61-.61FSR-.65S-.90 4S and Surpass .91, Saito .65-.80, Super Tigre .60 and Webra .61
HAY020 Short Fox .74, OS Max .90FSR and OS Max 1.08
HAY021 Short Fox .60 and Webra .91
HAY022 Short Webra .40, Fox .45, YS .45FF, Royal .46, OS Max .45FS and OS Max .46FX
HAY023 Long Cox .074 Queen Bee

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