FlyWARE Brushless Motors
T-Rex Light
FlyWARE motors are innovative and carefully handcrafted motors "Made in Germany". All motors use the finest material, such as ball bearings from Germany and magnets of the newest generation, rust resistant without having to be nickel plated. Computer optimized stator plates, guaranties an optimum efficiency. For a low turning resonance and a maximum packing rate on the stator, FlyWARE uses multi-stranded wire in the T-Rex motors.
Order No. Shaft
RPM/V Cont.
Max A
Cells Ri
Weight Dimensions Cont.
FLY100073 5mm 400 40/50 Amp 16-24 TBA 392 g 2-9/16 in l=2-9/32 in 900 Watt
FLY100075 5mm 600 55/70 Amp 16-24 TBA 330 g 2-9/16 in l=2-9/32 in 900 Watt

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